Test Proctoring

The Center for Student Accessibility offers test proctoring as a service to our faculty and instructors in accommodating students with disabilities during test time.  Current EKU students registered in the CSA may be eligible for test accommodations including extended time ( time and one half), double time, text-to-speech software that would read an exam out loud, enlarged exams, viewing exams under a video eye or CCTV, utilization of dictation software for an exam,  a test reader or a scribe.

To establish the location/time for which test accommodations will be provided, CSA students should present a Letter of Accommodation to their instructors with test accommodations listed in the content of that letter. Students are to discuss all of their accommodations, including test accommodations with instructors.

Instructors have the first option of providing the test accommodation. If instructors prefer, or the student and the instructor agree, the student may schedule exams to be taken in the CSA. The CSA testing room has video surveillance that allows the CSA Staff to act as test proctors.

The CSA has set forth test proctoring guidelines that students adhere to: